Friday, February 11, 2011

Final Solution

I have decided on my final design, of course I will still try to improve it as I get into modelling it etc but I am happy that it will work well and function in the way that it has been designed.

The parts that I have incorporated into my design are:

   1. Deadlock Mechanism - The reason I have chosen this form of lock is because it 
       is simple and very effective. The internal mechanism also allows me to create 
       electrical contacts easily due to it's simplicity.

   2. Smart Key - The key for this lock will have a computer chip inside it so that the 
       lock will recognise the individual key. This means that the lock will be very 
       resistant to picking as the chip will be needed.

   3. Vertical Bolts - There are 2 vertical bolts in my mechanism. This is so that the 
       door will be much more resistant to someone trying to jimmy it open.

   4. Car Door Popper Solenoid - This is the most innovative part of my design. 
       These poppers are used in car doors but I have looked extensively on the 
       internet and have been unable to find them used in this application. Once the 
       key is turned in the door there will be a contact in the internal locking 
       mechanism. This contact will push out the solenoid which will open the door a 
       little for the old person to easily be able to push it. Once the barrel of the lock is 
       turned back (which will be required to remove the key from the door) the 
       contact inside the barrel will be broken causing the solenoid to retract again,  
       allowing the door to close.

Using this design will help an old person immensely as the door will not jam on them. This lock will significantly lessen the work that will need to be done by the user.

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