Friday, February 11, 2011

Analysis of Brief Reflection

We have analysed the brief as a class on our wiki page, Analysis of Brief Wiki. From this analysis we decided that the project that is most viable and useful to older people is to design and model a mechanism for unlocking doors. The reason we have decided this is because many of pupils' grandparents have difficulty when trying to open their front doors and we would like to help them.

I am very happy with our choice because I have lots of ideas about how to make opening doors easier for elderly people.

I think we worked well as a group in analysing the brief and identifying a problem that elderly people have. I think my idea to ask the rest of the class to leave a comment to tell the group which idea we should go with was good because everyone contributed and it led to a democratic decision and after some discussion in the halls at break time most pupils are happy with the decision.

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