Saturday, February 12, 2011

Manufacture - Class 2

I got a lot done in my second class of manufacture. Although the parts were quite simple I did not expect to get as many completed in a single lesson. The parts I got completed were:

To create my cams (x3, but all the same) I needed to:
  1. Sketch the outline of the cam
  2. Extrude the cam shape
  3. Use hole wizard to create the hole through the cam
My Cams
Cam Shaft
To create my cam shaft all I needed to do was extrude a circle of the correct diameter
My Cam Shaft
Key Barrel
The key barrel was my most complicated piece yet, to manufacture it I had to:
  1. Extrude a circle
  2. Sketch the key hole shape
  3. Extrude cut the key hole shape
  4. Use the hole wizard to bore the holes in the top of the barrel
My Key Barrel
Solenoid Body
This was again a simple piece. All I needed to do was:
  1. Extrude a square
  2. Extrude cut a circle
My Solenoid Body
Solenoid Pusher
The solenoid pusher was another easy part to make. It simply involved sketching the outline of the part and revolving the sketch to create the part.
My Solenoid Pusher

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