Friday, February 11, 2011

Research/ Investigation Reflection

For the past few days we have been researching as a group using the class diigo folder and the class wiki. What we have done is:

  1. First search for useful content about locking mechanisms, elderly and other relevant information for our project on the internet.
  2. When we found a relevant website we bookmarked it on diigo and placed it into the class folder so that the rest of the class could see the useful websites that I found and so that I could see what they'd found - Class Social Bookmarking Repository
  3. We then wrote about our findings on the "research" wiki page. Class Research Wiki
  4. If we had something to add to someone else's points we could do that and we could also correct any mistakes that we discovered while reading other pupils' work
I think we worked really well as a team again during this activity. Everyone was willing to add their information to the wiki and no one got annoyed when someone made changes to their work.

Our research has definitely given me lots of ideas about what my lock design will look like and I am looking forward to sketching my possible solutions and posting them up here on my blog for my friends to look at and tell me what they think of them.

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