Friday, February 11, 2011

Possible Solution 3

Here is my third possible solution. It incorporates a simple dead bolt, a compact motorised hinge and door opening button.

The deadbolt lock is simply to give the door the security of a high quality deadbolt which is important to have in a front door to prevent robberies. 

 Compact Motorised Hinge 
This type of motorised hinge would be very desirable do to its compact presentation. The problem would be that a motor this small my not have the torque to open the door if it were to jam in the frame.

Door Opening Button
There is a button for the elderly person to press to trigger the door opening mechanism. This means that the elderly person still has to turn a key (which they would like to be able to do) and still have the dorr opened automatically with a very discreet and compact hinge mechanism.

Good Points

  1. Key is again familiar
  2. Discrete
  3. Secure

Bad Points

  1. There would be a lot of strain on the motors in the hinges as they could only be small and old doors are heavy
  2. A button would be strange for the old person

Things to Think About

  1. The key is very important to incorporate in my final design.
  2. I think that the old person would like to have to lock the door on the inside after they come in as older locks work this way so it would be less of a transmission.I think that the motors in the hinges may be too noisy with the work they would have to do which would not be ideal for an elderly person.

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