Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished Solution

Shown here is my finishing Solidworks drawing of my lock mechanism to aid elderly people. I purposely made the housing smaller than full size (the vertical bolts would be much longer) because these drawings are simply trying to communicate my idea and I feel as though it would have been much harder to see if I had made them actual size. It is, as you can see very close to my final sketched solution. I did make a some practical changes however, these included:

1. I mounted the solenoid up against the faceplate of the horizontal bolt. The reason I did this was purely because the rubber face of the ram has to push against the door jam and it simple would not have where I had sketched it previously.

2. I added vertical bolts into the design. I did this to add extra security for the inhabitant of the house. These bolts will make it much harder for anyone to knock in the door.

Explanation of Mechanism

Sequence of events when using this locking mechanism

  1. Door is closed and locked
  2. Person arrives at the door and takes out their key
  3. The key is inserted into the barrel
  4. The key is turned clockwise which in turn rotates the barrel 90°
  5. The barrel is attached to the cam shaft which is in turn attached to the 3 cams. Once the barrel is rotated the cams do the same. When the cams turn the 90° they retract the 3 bolts.
  6. There is also a magnetic contact in the barrel so that when the barrel is in the open position, with a key in it, the solenoid pushes out against the door jam. This action causes the door to open slightly (enough to get it past the jam).
  7. The operator pushes the door in and they walk into the house.
  8. Once inside the house the operator closes back in the door and locks it again by turning the key back 90° anti-clockwise.

Exploded View of Parts

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